JICA Training Program on Community-based Entrepreneurship for Rural Development

We have been conducting the JICA Training programs on community capacity and rural development at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University since 2006 (2017 is the last year of operation through APU).  The  training program renewed as the community-based entrepreneurship for rural development from 2016. The Japan International Cooperation Agency entrusts us with trainees who are engaged in development issues in their countries, focusing on government officials, politicians, and representatives of associations and NGOs. As of September 2017, we have conducted approximately 75 training programs with participants from more than 70 countries.

In the program, an introduction to the concept of community capacity and rural development and a number of practical approaches is followed by field visits to hear from those involved in implementing these activities. Participants examine the cases and discuss how to interpret the information and their experiences in the context of community capacity development and higher value-added social, economic, environmental and political activities. These activities are a review process, allowing program participants to see concepts in practice and conceptualize their experiences in a more practical way. The program concludes with the preparation of action plans for rural development in participants’ own countries.

The List of involved JICA Training Programs

Here are some examples of our training program.

  • Training Course in Seminar for Municipal Mayors of Clustered LGUs on One Village One Product Movement: The Philippines
  • The Country focused Training Program on the “One Village One Product” Movement in Tunisia
  • Training Course in Community Capacity and Rural Development-Focusing on One Village One Product- for ASEAN Countries
  • Training Course in Community Capacity and Rural Development-focusing on One Village One Product- for African countries
  • Technical Cooperation Project for The Enforcement of Regional Administrative Function for Local Industrial Promotion in The Republic of Chile
  • Training Course in Seminar on One Village, One Product Movement in Savannakhet and Saravanh
  • Training Course in Development and Promotion of Regional Industries Utilizing Local Resources for ASIA
  • Training Course in Development and Promotion of Regional Industries Utilizing Local Resources for INDOCHINA and PACIFIC Regions
  • Training Course in Andean Region One Village One Product Promotion
  • Country-focused Training Course on Local Industrial Promotion in Guatemala
  • Country-focused Training Course on One Village One Product” Movement in Colombia
  • Participatory Community led Development in Rural Areas: Afghanistan
  • Rural Development through high value commercial agriculture and OVOP Movement for Nepal
  • etc…

We provide all our training materials for the benefits of rural people. Now our training materials ver.2017 available from slides share.




Roundtable Discussion

Our involvement is not only for practitioners but also with academics. To help enrich the studies of the JDS and other graduate students at APU roundtable workshops on rural development had convened from 2011 to 2012. Students who also study community development or related fields (Publich health, development economics, etc.) were also asked to join this roundtable, for example students who are supported by JICA and World Bank and they are mostly government officials. The roundtable included presentations from academics and development practitioners.
*JDS=Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarships (JDS), sponsored by the Japanese government, are provided to government officials from various developing countries to come to Japan to pursue their graduate studies.