Review Report on JICA Training Program

 Since 2006, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) has been conducting two to three week short-term training programs in partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and as part of Japan’s international cooperation program. These training programs centre on the theme of ‘Community Capacity and Rural Development’ and utilize local Japanese experience in rural development, such as the One Village One Product Movement in Oita Prefecture and the Decentralized Hands-on (DHO) Exhibition (Onpaku). APU had conducted 35 training programs and received 447 participants from Asia, Africa and Latin American countries since 2006 to mid-2012 when this review was implemented.

This report was commissioned by JICA to review the content, curriculum, follow-up activities and other matters related to the JICA training program delivered by APU through examining the effect of participation in the training courses for the participants and their organizations to inform the improvement of future training courses. The review aims to explore the impacts of the training program for course participants as well as reflect on the potential impact in their home countries that results from their participation in the courses by including descriptive information on their current positions and their roles in rural development.


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