¿Cómo crear un Movimiento Social?

Con el pasar de los años, hemos estado trabajando sobre cómo desarrollar la Exhibición Descentralizada de Programas Vivenciales (D-HOPE) para un desarrollo rural holístico a través de Action Research. Gracias a nuestra participación en proyectos de desarrollo en diferentes países, el concepto de localización parece muy crucial para construir una buena política nacional, que es una de las áreas de investigación sobre las cuales estamos trabajando. Este video describe uno de nuestros talleres sobre la creación de un programa vivencial en el enfoque D-HOPE. Como pueden ver, hay muchas interacciones, risas, charlas, y comunicación entre los participantes – desarrollando un movimiento social en las comunidades. El taller está diseñado para ser … Continue reading ¿Cómo crear un Movimiento Social?

How to make a social movement?

How to make a Social Movement? Over the years, we have been working on how to develop the Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition Program (D-HOPE) approach for a holistic rural development through action research. Through our involvement in development projects in different countries, the concept of localization seems very crucial to construct a good national policy, which is one of our research areas that we are working on. This video is on one of our workshops on designing a hands-on program in the D-HOPE approach. As you can see, there are a lot of interactions, laughs, talks, and communication among participants – developing social movement in communities. The workshop is designed as … Continue reading How to make a social movement?

Community Capacity and Rural Development -2-

Community Capacity and Rural Development -2-  This book is a second edition of our reading material for JICA training programs. We have been conducting training programs on community capacity and rural development at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) since 2006. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) entrusts us with trainees who are engaging in development issues in their countries, focusing on government officials, provincial governors, municipal mayors and representatives of associations. There have been 48 programs including participants from 67 countries thus far as fiscal year 2013. Our training programs begin with an introduction of the concept of community capacity and rural development highlighting Community-Based One Village, One Product (OVOP) and … Continue reading Community Capacity and Rural Development -2-

Capacidad Comunitaria y Desarrollo Rural

Material de Lectura para los Programas de Capacitación de JICA Hemos realizado programas de capacitación sobre capacidad comunitaria y desarrollo rural en la Universidad de Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific (APU) desde el 2006. La Agencia de Cooperación Internacional de Japón (JICA) nos confía a los participantes que se involucran en asuntos de desarrollo en sus países, enfocándose en oficiales de gobierno, gobernadores provinciales, alcaldes municipales y representantes de asociaciones. Ha habido 41 programas incluyendo participantes de 53 países hasta ahora. Nuestros programas de capacitación comienzan con la introducción del concepto de capacidad comunitaria y desarrollo rural resaltando los enfoques comunitarios de Un Pueblo, Un Producto (OVOP) y la Exhibición Práctica Descentralizada (DHO). Los participantes visitan el campo para escuchar las voces reales de … Continue reading Capacidad Comunitaria y Desarrollo Rural

Review Report on JICA Training Program

Review Report on JICA Training Program  Since 2006, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) has been conducting two to three week short-term training programs in partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and as part of Japan’s international cooperation program. These training programs centre on the theme of ‘Community Capacity and Rural Development’ and utilize local Japanese experience in rural development, such as the One Village One Product Movement in Oita Prefecture and the Decentralized Hands-on (DHO) Exhibition (Onpaku). APU had conducted 35 training programs and received 447 participants from Asia, Africa and Latin American countries since 2006 to mid-2012 when this review was implemented. This report was commissioned by JICA to review the content, … Continue reading Review Report on JICA Training Program

Fourth Roundtable

Roundtable Discussion on Rural Development and Community Capacity: Case of Rural Development in Thailand Disparity between rural and urban communities is widening in developed and developing countries. This makes rural development is a globally significant issue to reduce the gap and eliminate poverty. To provide the APU graduate students, mainly Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) fellows the opportunity to face this issue, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) held the “4th Roundtable Discussion on Rural Development and Community Capacity” from August 7 to 9, 2012. During the first two days of the roundtable discussion there were presentations from academics and development practitioners about conceptual knowledge, as well as experiential and practical cases for rural … Continue reading Fourth Roundtable

Public Administration Handbook

Public Administration Handbook of Japan I have contributed to the handbook of Public Administration.  You can study public policy in Japan through the book. Free reading available at online store or you can also download/buy published one! It is available from here.

Community Capacity and Rural Development -1-

Community Capacity and Rural Development -1- To supplement training programs there is a need for reading materials on community and rural development, as well as evaluation and planning. However, there are no appropriate traditional development-related reading materials that match our training concept. The lack of such materials means that participants are not able to study these aspects in-depth. Under these circumstances, we gather together all of the available reading materials related to our training concept. This book provides sufficient materials for our participants to gain the knowledge for community and rural development and take in the lessons from their training program. This book is a compilation of literatures edited for our trainings, selected existing articles, and … Continue reading Community Capacity and Rural Development -1-

Second Roundtable

Roundtable Discussion for Rural Development: Focusing on Strategic Approach and Importance of Facilitation Rural development is an important issue in many developing countries and participatory evaluation is a tool that can help better shape policy. To help enrich the studies of the graduate students at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) a two-day roundtable workshop on rural development was convened in August 2011. The roundtable included presentations from academics and development practitioners on the themes of “Strategic Approaches for Rural Development” and “Facilitation for Rural Development.” The panel on strategic approaches was held on the first day and the panel on facilitation the second. Each expert presentation was followed by a brief question and discussion time. The afternoon … Continue reading Second Roundtable