D-HOPE for Community Development in Thailand

Hello our readers! Season's greetings but first....long time no see! We are very sorry not to keep up with our activities recently, but we're back! Our last work of 2017 has been in Thailand for officially starting off our first JICA's technical cooperation project, "Community-based Entrepreneurship Promotion" (D-HOPE Project). It is a 4 year project, which covers at least 45 provinces among 76 provinces! However the Thai government is willing to introduce D-HOPE in the entire country as a country policy together with their OTOP policy, so we'll see how this goes! We are starting with 9 provinces (Surin, Chang Mai, Chonburi, Tran, Mukdahan, Nakhon Panom, Lamphun, Ranong, Chanthaburi) for … Continue reading D-HOPE for Community Development in Thailand

¿Cómo crear un Movimiento Social?

Con el pasar de los años, hemos estado trabajando sobre cómo desarrollar la Exhibición Descentralizada de Programas Vivenciales (D-HOPE) para un desarrollo rural holístico a través de Action Research. Gracias a nuestra participación en proyectos de desarrollo en diferentes países, el concepto de localización parece muy crucial para construir una buena política nacional, que es una de las áreas de investigación sobre las cuales estamos trabajando. Este video describe uno de nuestros talleres sobre la creación de un programa vivencial en el enfoque D-HOPE. Como pueden ver, hay muchas interacciones, risas, charlas, y comunicación entre los participantes – desarrollando un movimiento social en las comunidades. El taller está diseñado para ser … Continue reading ¿Cómo crear un Movimiento Social?

How to make a social movement?

How to make a Social Movement? Over the years, we have been working on how to develop the Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition Program (D-HOPE) approach for a holistic rural development through action research. Through our involvement in development projects in different countries, the concept of localization seems very crucial to construct a good national policy, which is one of our research areas that we are working on. This video is on one of our workshops on designing a hands-on program in the D-HOPE approach. As you can see, there are a lot of interactions, laughs, talks, and communication among participants – developing social movement in communities. The workshop is designed as … Continue reading How to make a social movement?

Feliz Año Nuevo 2016

Feliz año nuevo 2016! Espero que esto te encuentre bien y suena por todo el mundo! ¿Ya ha examinado la resolución de su nuevo año? Bueno, esto es lo que hemos pensado ... Hemos sido la participación de muchos proyectos de desarrollo rural en D-HOPE y vemos el enfoque está mejorando su operatividad y viabilidad colectivamente en todo el mundo. Nos gustaría seguir construyendo el enfoque D-HOPE para el mejoramiento en los campos de desarrollo rural junto con usted tanto en lo académico como práctico. En primer lugar, estamos planeando publicar nuestro video D-HOPE en la versión española y, posiblemente, nuevos materiales de lectura en los contenidos actualizados demasiado tarde! … Continue reading Feliz Año Nuevo 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy new year 2016! I hope this find you well and sound all over the world! Have you already considered your new year's resolution? Well, here's what we've thought... We have been involving many rural development projects on D-HOPE and we see the approach is enhancing its operationability and practicability collectively all over the world. We would like to continue constructing the D-HOPE approach for the betterment in rural development fields together with you both academically and practically. First, we are planning to publish our D-HOPE video in Spanish version and possibly new reading materials on the updated contents too later on! I hope we can announce this as soon … Continue reading Happy New Year 2016

Project for Community Entrepreneurial Capacity and Rural Enterprise Development in Bhutan

In March 2015, we have supported and followed-up our former trainees for JICA Training program from Bhutan on their action plan. The action plan was formulated during the training period in Japan and Thailand for community entrepreneurial capacity and rural enterprise development on Decentralised Hands-on Exhibition Policy. With the initiative of the department of Cottage and Small Industry, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, we have collaborated for the implementation of the Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition in Tongsa district and the capital city of Thimphu as a start, conducted workshops and hands-on program testing. We also hold the National Stakeholder Workshop as a main activity of this particular follow-up project for different … Continue reading Project for Community Entrepreneurial Capacity and Rural Enterprise Development in Bhutan

Featured Video on the Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition Approach

Systematic Value-Addition for Rural Communities We are happy to announce our latest video on the Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition Approach on our YouTube channel. It is also published through JICA website since this project was financed by them. This film explains the Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition Approach using the case of Surin Province, Thailand, supplemented with other countries for rural and community capacity development discussions. You can see the step by step implementation activities in the video! Many thanks to our project stakeholders in Surin, Thailand and we hope you to enjoy the video and hopefully this is useful for your development activities. Let us know your opinion on the video!  

Khong Dee Muang Surin Festival 3

Time goes fast! 3 years of our project in Thailand is almost ending... this year they have over 300 programs in the whole Surin province. The catalogue publication is done in Thai language so here's only English ver. as an example. Give us your thoughts on Thai catalogue or project!

Expo Yguazú Porã

Promotion makes it successful... So here's the promotion video of Paraguay's DHO Exhibition, Expo Yguazú Porã in the Yguazú lake communities. The exhibition offers 110 hands-on programs featured eco-friendly activities. Since this was applied in an environmental project, each program offers tree planting activities at the end of the programs. Do you want to make a full-green rich environment in your communities too? Here's your solution! Learn and practice, participate in programs! Also the Facebook page was developed for the event and they have a quite number of fans already! Well, for the event to be successful, it is essential to promote the event! Needless to say, Facebook is a … Continue reading Expo Yguazú Porã