In March 2015, we have supported and followed-up our former trainees for JICA Training program from Bhutan on their action plan. The action plan was formulated during the training period in Japan and Thailand for community entrepreneurial capacity and rural enterprise development on Decentralised Hands-on Exhibition Policy.

With the initiative of the department of Cottage and Small Industry, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, we have collaborated for the implementation of the Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition in Tongsa district and the capital city of Thimphu as a start, conducted workshops and hands-on program testing.
We also hold the National Stakeholder Workshop as a main activity of this particular follow-up project for different agencies and government entities at central levels.

Overall the result of the follow-up project went successfully in terms of start-up hands-on programs and policy formulation at central level. Since the country itself is very unique, the DHOE policy has so much to offer to the country’s development on especially community-based entrepreneurship and enterprises.
Now the ministry is developing the project proposal to enhance and carry out more activities in the country!

National Stakeholder Workshop (wo vid) (powerpoint slides)

The national stakeholder workshop was also featured in the online newspaper!

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