The Institute for Community Design (IFCD) seeks a confident-rich and healthy way of life for rural people. Our institute was established in 2012, a non-profit organization based in Japan to cooperate and work together for future betterment all over the world.


A Worldwide Cooperation for Connecting People to People

The IFCD is a platform where people can access to the world to exchange their knowledge and experiences on development issues. We provide opportunities to increase the number of people with a confident-rich and healthy life.


To Contribute Holistic and Alternative Development Approaches

The IFCD is established to contribute stable lives for rural people as well as to secure rural areas and people’s confident-rich lives through researching, designing and implementing various kinds of development strategies/approaches.

Non-Profit Organization

Institute for Community design


Tokyo, Japan


Dr. Koichi Miyoshi


February 21st, 2012

  • Establishment: Established the NPO in Beppu city, Japan.
  • Moving: The office moved to Oita city, Japan.
  • Moving: The office moved to Tama city, Tokyo, Japan.
Board of Directors